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We also provide an EXPERT alteration service if you require specialized shoe builds and modifications.
We pride ourselves on the outstanding work we provide. We can repair and renovate almost any Shoe, Boot, Bag or Belt.
Before you throw away your worn out, comfortable shoes & boots, come in and let the experts look at them.

We can help you to SAVE MONEY.

We do a lot of medium weight stitching to all types of FOOTWEAR, BAGS, HOLD ALLS, SYNTHETICS and LEATHER ITEMS.


  • re-stitching seams on footwear & leather jackets.
  • Patching splits on shoe uppers and leather garments.
  • Replacing zips in boots and clothing, and fixing fasteners.

We are known to repair the impossible including Full Sole Hand Stitching and machine stitch. Regardless of the shape your shoes, bags or other goods are in, bring them into the Centre Shoe Clinic and we will make them look as good as new, for a fraction of their cost.

Alterations and repairs

Traditional hand stitching

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